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Social Responsibility

In keeping with the humanitarian personal beliefs of Dr Merensky, the company has developed a strong people-oriented culture and corporate philosophy which serve as the basis on which its employees are managed and developed.

Merensky’s philosophy of cooperation was the first such initiative in the industry, and remains the most successful. Merensky has successfully empowered in excess of 116 communities in the areas in which the company operates, by way of ownership, employment, preferential procurement and community involvement.


Merensky is committed to providing quality training for its staff. This training serves to improve the general skill levels of all employees.



Employees are encouraged to improve their skills and qualifications (e.g. adult courses for reading and writing, obtaining school-leaving certificates, as well as tertiary qualifications). Crèches are provided for employees' children (pre-school education) in some areas.
Both employees and their children are eligible for bursaries towards tertiary education.


Family and single accommodation is provided and an agreed amount of electricity provided free of charge. Staff villages are managed by employee representatives with funding from the company.



In some areas clinics are provided for employees and their immediate families with company-contracted doctors available. Family planning and health care training (including AIDS education) are some of the programmes offered.


Land Use

Numerous mutually-beneficial agreements are in place between the company and communities with regards to land use, such as cattle grazing, honey harvesting, crop cultivation, habitation and thoroughfare.



Merensky is committed to sustainable transformation in all areas of the business. As prescribed by the DTI, Merensky has developed and implemented a comprehensive transformation plan addressing Ownership, Management & Control, Employment Equity, Skills Development, Preferential Procurement, Enterprise Development, and Socio-economic Development.

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Sustainability has been at the centre of Merensky’s thinking for many years.

Merensky understands that sustainability is more than conservation. In order for a business to be truly sustainable, it needs to apportion its ethical responsibility equally between profit, planet and people.

The diagram to the right illustrates how responsible business principles are equitably applied within all Merensky activities, such as the following:

  • Staff empowerment via share ownership schemes (ESOP);
  • Staff investment via housing, clinics, schools, education programmes, and bursary schemes;
  • 100% Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification across all operations Merensky manages.