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Pine Products


Merensky produces a wide variety of Pine lumber grades for use in both industrial and structural applications. All structural lumber is graded in accordance with SANS standards.

Merensky Pine processing comprises three sawmills strategically located in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. These mills are at the forefront of South African sawmilling, producing a significant portion of the country’s highest-quality sawn Pine lumber for construction, furniture and joinery.

Merensky Pine products are FSC® certified. FSC® certification is intended to provide a credible guarantee to customers, whether business, government or end consumer, that products sold with a specified FSC® certificate originate from well-managed forests, controlled sources, reclaimed materials, or a mixture of these.

Sawn Pine Lumber Dimensions

Merensky Softwood is graded to the South African National Standards SANS 1783.
All grading on structural lumber is done in accordance with SANS.

Lengths: 900mm - 6600mm (increments of 300mm)





Market segments we cater for:

  • Building / Construction
  • Truss Manufacturers
  • Packaging
  • Pallet and Box
  • Furniture
  • Manufactures

Applications for Treated Lumber *

Grade CCA Treating Applications
H2 Low Hazard: Inside above ground, protected from wetting and leaching. Trusses, Flooring, General Poles
H3 Moderate Hazard: Outside above ground, subject to periodic wetting and leaching. Fencing, Cladding, General Poles, Laths
H4 High Hazard: Outside in ground, subject to periodic wetting and leaching. Edging Stakes, Sawn, Round
H5 High Hazard: Outside in ground contact with heavy wet soil or in fresh water. Building, Fencing, General Poles, Piling
H6 High Hazard: Prolonged immersion in sea water. Jetties

* Treated Lumber Safety Precautions and Warnings for Use, Handling and Disposal