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Merensky plantations comprise both Pine and Eucalyptus species, totalling ca 65,000 hectares across South Africa. Ours are the largest privately-owned plantations being managed on a sawlog rotation. Adhering to and often exceeding local and international standards for environmentally-sustainable forestry management practices, the Merensky plantations continue to provide the highest-quality sawtimber to both local and international markets.

Merensky is a pioneer of commercially-grown sawlog rotation Eucalyptus in South Africa, with many decades of continuous genetic improvements resulting in superior Eucalyptus sawlog plantations.

All Merensky plantations carry the prestigious Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification.

Within the Merensky Timber Group, there are two Forest Management (FM) Certificates which operate under the following licence numbers:

- Merensky Timber (Pty) Ltd t/a Northern Timbers: Licence No FSC®C010117

- Singisi Forest Products t/a Merensky: Licence No FSC®C013164

There are also two Chain of Custody (CoC) Multi-site Certificates which operate under the following licence numbers:

Singisi Forest Products t/a Merensky: Licence No FSC®C111662

- Merensky Timber (Pty) Ltd t/a Northern Timbers: Licence No FSC®C021216 

 Wood Processing

Pine Processing

Merensky Timber's softwood processing operation, Singisi Forest Products, comprises three sawmills strategically located in KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. These mills are at the forefront of South African sawmilling, producing highest-quality sawn Pine lumber for construction, furniture and joinery uses.

Eucalyptus Processing

Merensky's Northern Timbers is South Africa’s leading Eucalyptus sawlog processor, operating from its Limpopo sawmill. Merensky’s kiln drying produces superior hardwood lumber for use in joinery, furniture manufacture and construction applications. Plantation Eucalyptus is a sustainable alternative to endangered tropical hardwoods and Merensky has been leading this initiative for decades.


Merensky Timber’s reputation for service excellence lies in the knowledge and experience of its exceptional team members. Our personnel are further supported by a network of strategically-placed production facilities, distribution centres and sales offices throughout South Africa.


Research and Development

The Research and Development team continuously conducts research into the growing and processing of timber and the development of new products. Merensky constantly strives for better processing practices, benchmarking ourselves against international best practice and incorporating numerous quality and efficiency principles. Additionally, extensive development is carried out together with collaborative research partners to improve silviculture practices.