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Merensky Brand

We are passionate about what we do because we know we are growing a dependable future

To contribute to the growth of a dependable future is something that goes beyond geographical borders. It requires a truly global vision. And if it is true that one’s vision is a product of your state of mind-then let Merensky be defined by agile thinking, by personal contact, by dependability that spreads, and by a pioneering spirit.


Experience is not a concept. It is a living track-record, and evidence of proven skill. We are proud of the pioneering and leadership roles we have played in forestry and saw-milling for over 50 years. It is this experience that has enabled us to contribute real innovation to our industry – innovation that has become a global standard.


No-one can deny that energy is essential. But the question remains: where does it come from? We know energy to exist in two places – in Mother Nature, and in the hearts and minds of our people. We are passionate about both. When people work together with passion and with respect for Mother Nature, it ensures a sustainable source of energy for the future.


We are growing a dependable future today, because Dr Hans Merensky's unsurpassed vision and expertise paved the way for us, while simultaneously pioneering a number of industries in South Africa. Merensky was implementing sustainable forestation long before the term even existed – and that is the true mark of expertise, achieving excellence in areas no-one has ventured into before you

This is the world of Merensky.